11 Mind-Blowing Microwave Oven Hacks You’ve Probably Never Known

We’ve all been using this life-saving appliance for quite a while now. Especially if you’re a busy bee in your life, you cannot imagine your daily routine tasks happening without a microwave oven. 

It blesses our kitchen in countless tasks allowing us to use less physical and mental effort and saving our precious time. 

You are already familiar with how microwave oven works but I bet there is a lot that is still unknown to you. You just need to be creative with its functioning and voila! You’ll be amazed to know how it can be a game-changer in so many ways. 

This article lifts the curtain from some super amazing secret hacks of the microwave oven. Dive in and change your cooking game forever!

1- Peel Garlic Faster

Are you tired of peeling garlic and getting your hands all smelly? If you want to get rid of this problem why not let your microwave oven do the magic? It’s super easy: just put the entire garlic head in the microwave for 20-25 seconds on a high heat setting. You’ll see cloves will easily leave their skin. 

2- Dry Your Herbs

As microwave ovens function by heating up water, they can also be used for drying herbs. However, do not dry delicate herbs like basil or thyme because they cannot bear the strength of the microwaves. It’s more appropriate if you stick with heartier herbs like thyme and rosemary. Drying herbs in a microwave oven is simple, just take two paper towels, put herbs between them, and heat them in the microwave for 2-4 minutes. 

3- Melt Chocolate and Butter

If you instantly want to melt butter or chocolate, you don’t require extraneous or dirty tools. Instead, you can simply use your microwave oven for such simple tasks. However, make sure you only heat such items for a few seconds only, else you’ll probably end up burning your chocolate and butter. 30 seconds heating is enough in this case on a medium temperature setting. 

4- Ripen Bananas

You can boost the ripening process of bananas through your microwave oven. It is super easy: just make some holes in your banana with the help of a fork (poking holes is important as it will save your banana from exploding), then heat it in the microwave for one or two minutes.

5- Steam Fish

You can steam fish in your microwave without overcooking it. To do that, use a shallow bowl and put your fish in it. Cover it with olive oil or butter, spices, and salt, or whatever you want to use. After that, fill your bowl with some water and then cover it with a plastic wrap (make sure it is microwave-safe). Pin some holes in the plastic wrap to allow ventilation and cook for 5-6 minutes on a high-temperature setting. 

6- Cook Grains

You don’t need to use a pot if you want to cook grains. The process is simple and smooth. Take a glass bowl, add grains to it, combine them with some water, and then cover it with a microwave-friendly wrapping sheet. Microwave your glass bowl for 15-20 minutes and keep checking your grains after every 5 minutes.

7- Whip Up a Quick Dessert

You can whip up a quick brownie or cake batter and bake it in a microwave. In case you have sudden guests at home, you don’t need to be confused and panicked about dessert. You can simply whip up the ingredients and make a yummy dessert only in a few minutes.

8- Cook Instant Dishes

Microwave cooking is so handy and convenient for those who are tight on schedule and are always in a hurry.  If you are getting late and you really need to prepare your meal but do not have enough time, do not worry! You can instantly cook different dishes in your microwave in a few minutes. For instance, you can cook Chawanmushi, instant noodles, and make tea or coffee in your microwave in simple and few steps. 

9- Bake a Potato

If you need a baked potato, just put a little bit of water along with the potato in a bowl. Start microwaving each side of the potato for five minutes and apply olive oil on it (if you want). You don’t need to get yourself in the fuss of turning-on and preheating the oven.

10- Juice Your Lemons Easily

Do you find it hard to squeeze the juice out of your lemons? Try heating them in a microwave oven for a few seconds. If your lemons are hard and their inside is dry, heating them in a microwave oven for 15 seconds will give you juicy and soft lemons and you can easily extract juice out of them. 

11- Make a Quick Quesadilla

Put cheese and turkey (maybe some veggies and spices as per your taste) on a tortilla and fold it. Microwave it for a minute and ta-da! A quick quesadilla is ready for you. Dig in and enjoy your meal.


Next time when you’re cooking, use these creative hacks to level up your cooking game. If you have any other hack or suggestion in mind, don’t forget to share it with everyone in the comment section below. We’ll truly appreciate that.  

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